Eric Peacock has been formally making noise since 1989. Before that he just hadn't thought about it even though he played a few instruments, wrote primitive sound generating BASIC programs and provided sound effects for his extensive LEGO™ installations.

Though he studied contemporary, world and avante-garde music thoroughly as an undergraduate, Eric has always found himself back in the same place he started: collage. It was about the cut-and-paste, hands on, drag-and-drop. Arrangments over scores.

Played performances, one-off experiments and the now common stock sound libraries make up almost every piece of music Eric has produced. The occasional acoustic instrument, acapella vocal or homemade instrument becomes a part of a larger whole becoming unrecognizable. The result is that Eric's music sounds both amateur and heavily produced, though it wasn't always this way: the production only improved as the technology did.

Despite the heavily digital arrangements Eric has been focused on for years, he still itches for thematic acoustic projects. In 1996 he released A Partial Reconstruction of Days, the product of three years of a good idea that once born suffered a bad implementation, i.e. never record a pet project in your almost slum-level apartment with a 4-track and a lot of sketchy gear. For one thing, neighbors will complain when you're trying to do vocal warm-ups. This pushes one to do single takes and settle for less than was planned. They have every right to complain as well, but if all you've got is a tiny room and a big idea you have to do something.



Paper collage created by hand.


  1. It's Yoko From The Slaughterhouse
  2. The Tightening Begins (Remix)
  3. Other Cars
  4. Other Cars (Remix)
  5. Wobbler
  6. Iron Pour
  7. Formula Beats
  8. Acquisition of Filth

Total Time= TBD

Recorded 2002-2006

Paper collage created by hand.

A Continuously Evolving, Never Predictable Product

  1. Standing Up
  2. After Tuesday

Total Time= 46:00

Released August 31 2003, recorded 2000-2003

Paper collage created by hand.

Private Music, Volume I

  1. Saturation
  2. Nothing Better Than Real - Part I
  3. Errors of Fornication - Instrumental
  4. Welcome to the Art Crowd
  5. My Knife, My Life
  6. E Mah, Eh Pah
  7. The Flatline
  8. Project for Prepared Piano
  9. Project for Analog Buchla One
  10. Project for Analog Buchla Two
  11. Chew Your Muffin Good
  12. Far Out MIDI Life Crisis
  13. Mother Bomb
  14. Year of the Moth
  15. Kagami Butoh Soundtrack (excerpt)

Total Time= 73:49

Released January 2000, recorded 1994-2000

Paper collage created by hand.

Fortune Smiled, My Dream Complete

  1. I Left, Weakly
  2. The Tightening Begins
  3. Cold Water
  4. Poetry Out of Context
  5. Proper Sleep
  6. Ascention Again
  7. On Opening
  8. Stupid Crying Man
  9. Back Half
  10. Old Wood
  11. Sympathy Bomb (The Leech)
  12. Old Letters
  13. Loving Too Little

Total Time= 73:59

Released January 1 2000, recorded 1994-2000

Paper collage created by hand.

Four From Three

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
  4. Part IV
  5. Part V
  6. Part VI

Total Time= 38:47

Recorded August-September 1999, released November 1 2004

Paper collage created by hand.

The Forbidden Antithesis of Rock

  1. A Bit of Poison
  2. Pleasure 101/Schizoid
  3. Quest for Fruit
  4. Got A Minute?
  5. Too AM (Dolemite Mix)
  6. Average American
  7. Wait for the Glue
  8. Oink Sink
  9. FET
  10. Public Drum (Lo-Fi)
  11. E23's Hallucination
  12. No Time for Legos
  13. Groove Nugget
  14. Spor Jam
  15. All Night In Circles
  16. The Unreasonable Man
  17. Head One
  18. She Said
  19. Food For Mosquitos
  20. Not Interested Part II
  21. Not Interested Part I

Total Time= 73:09

Released April 26 1998, recorded throughout 1997

Paper collage created by hand.

...All Fall Down

  1. All Fall Down
  2. Lullaby Mekanique
  3. Threatening Days
  4. Parallel Egg
  5. Split End
  6. The Pink Behind Me

Total Time= 50:03

Released Oct 26 1997, recorded Oct 1997

Paper collage created by hand.

A Partial Reconstruction of Days

  1. March of Days
  2. Stopping to Save Yourself from Something Once Said
  3. Mekanique
  4. Vanity
  5. Blood Lullaby
  6. Egg On Face
  7. A Course of Thought
  8. The Pink Beside Me
  9. Long Gone and Often Somewhere in Between
  10. Parallel Lives
  11. Threatening to Dance
  12. 100 Proof
  13. Split
  14. Turning Around to See
  15. Year's End

Total Time= 49:52

Released Dec 12th 1996, recorded 1993-1996

Paper collage created by hand.


  1. Concupiscence (original)
  2. Concupiscence 2.0 (4-track version)
  3. Nothing Better Than Real Part I (Sparse Mix)
  4. Solow
  5. Deferred for Various Reasons
  6. AMB I (original)
  7. ...and then I felt life (4-track mix)

Total Time= 66:23

Released August 1996, recorded 1992-1995