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Eric Peacock

Media Designer, Artist, Musician, Photographer

The Wig Out - Keep Your Joy A Secret cover artwork by Eric Peacock
The Wig Out - Keep Your Joy A Secret. Original cover artwork by Eric Peacock

Collaborative Album Release

I had the pleasure of participating in the eighth Wig Out album project during the COVID-19 pandemic. To date all of the Wig Out albums are generated via a remote "Exquisite Corpse" process, and each album project has specific rules. In this case we did the usual collaborative hand-offs for specific tracks, but also came up with one individual "KYJAS" track by each member.

As it would happen I also ended up doing the cover art.

The album is available to listen on most streaming music services.

Internet Side Projects

  1. Stills, My Beating Heart

  2. Photography, mostly candid (Flickr)

  3. My music sidearm - The HooKHead Project

  4. Videos I've made

  5. The Definitive History of Evil Peacock

  6. Game Soundtracks


  1. The Wig Out

    A socially-distanced collective band born of COVID times

  2. Marrow

    I helped make this psychological indie drama about ordinary horror

    I also designed and built the film's web site which still exists as a neat little time capsule.

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